Paula Artin

Highly creative. Only obeying Grammar norms.

This is me

I am a word mingler based in Bucharest, Romania. I usually write in Romanian but English is my soulmate language. 

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Beware: I may come to you as shy with words when talking about me but will do an excellent job when talking about you or your business.

The News Agency

This is a story that ecompasses a utopic view on how the world could be if no environmental issues would exist. The story takes place in a utopic future that is perfectly healthy and the existent generation doesn't know a thing about pollution. The main character discovers a series of old news articles debating some pollution issues taking place in a far away past. This is how the main character learns about environmental problems. The whole piece is created as a mini story embedded in a frame story. This short story was created for academic use and not published in any form. This is a collaborative story written by me and developed together with three academic fellows.

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